About Me

The Big Picture:

Vivace – musical term meaning lively, quick or bright.

As a pianist, I often view the world through “music-colored” glasses (yes, I sometimes make up words/terms). Styles, themes, tempos, and dynamics are ever changing, forcing me to be aware of what’s going on around me.

As a Christian, I recognize that God is the composer and conductor of this great opus. Some days I get to be an instrumentalist; others, I am a page-turner. Regardless, there is always involvement – no option to sit in the wings and just watch.


  • First, and foremost, I am a Christian
  • Very involved in the worship ministry at our church
  • I am a tech geek
  • Married for many years to a very intelligent, funny and compassionate man [sidenote:we've been told that we deserve each other. Not quite sure if it's good or bad! ;) ]
  • Have a dry sense of humor
  • Can be very serious without taking anything too seriously


Random Information About Me:

  • Have a great sense of direction
  • Was the first kid on the block with a pogo stick
  • Cannot get a hula hoop to work
  • Have a fondness for all things Roman Empire and Egyptian
  • Still remember how to draw a relatively accurate sketch of a tapeworm and can quickly recall what H, He, O, C, CL, Xe, Au, Pb, Hg, K and Fe are the symbols for in the Periodic Table of Elements
  • Enjoyed Algebra, Trig and Calculus but was bored by Geometry
  • Used to collect stamps and baseball cards
  • The hair in one small patch on my head has a tendency to knot easily when wet.