Four Months Later ….

Much has occurred since the last post.

The layoffs were done in such a distasteful manner that I decided I was going to seek employment elsewhere.  I had my resume updated back in January but didn’t really have a sense of urgency.  As such, I just idly checked for open positions.  The layoffs were the last straw for me.  If a company could disregard a good employee’s expertise and loyalty so easily, then it didn’t make sense for me to pour my life into it.  I started my new job on April 30 and am enjoying every last bit of the chaos (IT dept of a large hospital system in our area).

I had interviewed and, by mid April, was waiting to hear back from the HR department.  In the meantime, my friend also had an interview.  After some doubtful first impressions, he took the job offer.  Turns out it was the best thing he’s done in a while.  He is loving his new job as much as I love mine.  Unfortunately, it will mean relocation for his family once their house sells (job is two hours away from here).  Neither I nor my husband are looking forward to the day our friend’s house sells. However, a two-hour car trip is not out of the question.  We’ll still be able to get together … just not as often.

God is faithful.

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