As Usual, Microsoft Botches Another One Up

My husband talked me into an mp3 player today. We read a bunch of reviews and settled on Microsoft’s Zune. The features were in line with how I planned to use it, so it seemed to be a decent choice without having to shell out a ridiculous sum of money.

I can’t speak for the device itself. All I can say is that, after multiple attempts at installing the current verions of Zune software (version 3.0 is a nightmare – had to remove file bits at the registry level), we never got the Zune software to install on my laptop. Zune won’t sync with the PC without the software. Zune can’t even sync with Microsoft’s Media Player using the Sync function if the Zune software is not installed. Leave it to Microsoft to create a device whose software won’t install on a machine with Microsoft OS or even sync with Microsoft media software.

My husband is on his way to the store. The Zune will be returned and another mp3 player will replace it.

Ugh. What nonsense!

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