Insanity, Part Trois

It’s been nearly a year.

I have gone from enjoying my job, to outright loathing, and on to tolerance. Management has made some very interesting decisions – some are ok, others were poor and we’re seeing the consequences of those decisions now. My client is a nightmare of the spoiled-rotten-temper-tantrum-throwing-3-year-old variety. The demands were ridiculous and our team was forced to comply with everything – even requests that were clearly against the contracted agreements (why bother with a contract then?). Of course, management finally decides to examine our complaints 9 months after the nonsense began and is realizing that their injunctions to “keep the client happy” were just a corporate cave-in to the tantrums. Trying to undo 9 months of spoiling is not going to be easy.

On the up side, management has noticed one of my stronger abilities (writing) and plans to use me across multiple teams. On one hand, I’m thankful that I can stand out from the crowd (not be another cog in a very large machine). However, it destroys my attempts at flying under management’s radar. Management is extremely fickle and you can go from being the golden child to being the bastard child in a matter of minutes. So much for incognito… :)

Hubby got a job offer from a very large, recognizable company. It was a “spur of the moment” decision to apply to a job posting that he saw – he wasn’t actively seeking a different job. This came through (there’s a funny story in here I will have to tell another time) and he should be starting with them in the beginning of July. The salary offer was amazing. He is nearly doubling his current pay! (Finally, a company that is willing to pay him what he is actually worth.) God is sooo good! If things get really ugly where I am, we can afford to have me quit and search until I find something I really like instead of :

a) staying where I am until I find something


b)settling for something I may not like just to get out of a bad situation.

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