The Update Needs An Update

Checklist.jpgFirst things first – thank you for your prayers concerning my niece.  The headache she developed was a direct result of the spinal tap that had been performed several days prior. We still do not have an explanantion for the symptoms that put her in the ER – I suppose it will remain a mystery for now.

The other bit of news is that my job hunt intensity has increased.  We were just informed yesterday that, instead of closing the office on June 30 (as originally planned), plans have been stepped up.  The office will be closing on May 31.  I just lost a 4-week chunk of time to find a job.  I’m beginning to feel the heat.  While I have applied to several jobs in a variety of industries, I hoping that one of my two favorites comes through: production assistant in a multimedia department or tech support role for one of the local universities.

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